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#1 Source of historical weather data and forecasting for machine learning!


We deliver complex
science that is
simple, clean, and
easy to use.


Dedicated to Data Science:

Weather for Machine Learning (wx4ml) is a dedicated meteorological solution for data analytics,
offering reliable historical and forecast data to help your project run smooth and deliver great results.


Accelerate your project with easy access to the right data. Our technical experts can consult with you in identifying exactly what data you need and make it simple to navigate through.


Avoid project delays and headaches with clean and reliable data. The datasets pass a vigorous QA process before reaching you. Guaranteed to be clean and complete with no missing values.


Run analysis and build your models with confidence knowing that you will always have consistency in methodology between your training sets and ongoing forecasts.


Built for Data Analytics:
Weather Data for Machine Learning

Built by meteorologists and data scientists – 100% clean and complete!


You need good data to train predictive models and have reliable outcomes. We understand the domain specific challenges of weather data for machine learning.

Our technical and meteorology experts will help you find what data your project needs and provide ongoing monitoring for weather model changes that may affect your predictive models.

You will receive rapid notifications and data updates to ensure your models continue to perform. Our meteorologists love to help! Leverage their domain expertise to help you deliver a better predictive model.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Accessing sophisticated weather data

has never been this simple:

  1. Where - Are you looking for particular point locations, or gridded data over an area? Let us know.

  2. When - What time period would you like the data, and are you looking for daily or hourly data?  We can also generate summary data by week or month, or generate sub hourly data.

  3. What - What variables do you require.


We will deliver you a proposal and supporting documents you needed for internal approval to help make your job easier.


Our Variables Have You Covered!

Derivative variables can include evapotranspiration, GDD, HDD, CDD, hours of sunshine.

Logo 01-01.png
  • Temperature in Celsius

  • Dew point in Celsius

  • Humidity as %

  • Wind speed km/h

  • Wind Direction

  • Wind Gust km/h

  • Apparent Temp in Celsius

Logo 01-01.png
  • Ice Cover as %

  • Precipitation Type (0 dry, 1 rain, 2 frozen)

  • Precipitation Amount mm

  • Visibility Km

  • Cloud Cover % Mean Sea Level Pressure – hPa/mb

Logo 01-01.png
  • Station Pressure hPa/mb

  • Longwave Upward Solar Flux in Watts/m^2

  • Shortwave Downward Solar Flux in Watts/m^2

  • Ozone in Dobson Units


6 Reasons Why Choose wx4ml

Logo 02 (1).png

1) Accurate, Clean and Complete Data

Scroll lower to access our white paper and case studies!

2) Wide Range of Weather Variables

Standard and derivative variables available.

3) No Long-Term Commitments

Month to month or pay-per-use, tailored to fit your needs.

4) Sophisticated Scientific Methodology

Built by meteorologists, scientists and data analysts using downscaling and bias-correction methods.

5) Built For Analytics

We build solutions for real-world challenges. We solve real business problems.


6) Uncompromising Support

You get strong customer support through all stages of your project’s execution.

Need more information? Let us help!


I can help you find the right package for your project and the documents you need for procurement.

Let's connect!


I can help you with any date questions and provide you access to sample data and API's. Let's connect!


I can help you with any questions you may have about weather data, resolutions, and accuracy. I can help you decide what data you need.

Let's connect!

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